Quality Assurance


There is so much more in Quality Assurance than meets the eye! Reach the pinnacle of excellence with our QA engineers We often get questions like “Why do we need a QA?” or “Is there a need for QA” The answer is pretty simple, really: If you want to a stellar product (website or a mobile app), then it must be adequately tested and checked out. You cannot underestimate the significance of Quality Assurance – because the success of your operations depends on it, literally. Surely, you don’t want to risk losing your reputation from bad and nasty comments from your unhappy clients, or waste time and resources on fixing bugs and errors, do you? We at Weisetech certainly understand and value the sanctity of the relationship between you and your clients. Our Quality Assurance Team have two cardinal tasks: Making sure that the top-notch quality of a product is delivered with rigorous software testing. So it doesn’t contain anything that discourages users from using it in the future. Quality Assurance engineers at Weisetech take these matters very seriously. Each one of our projects, which is created by our team of expert developers, eventually goes through three different phases of QA. The very first phase our QA experts do is to control the entire process of the production. Our Quality Assurance Team is always an essential part of any given project. They are engaged from the very start of the development. QA Team detects risks, analyze, evaluate, and make amends as per the client’s instructions and expectations. They recommend better and innovative options and review all the technical jargon to ensure the final product meets and exceeds the client’s requirements. The second phase is to do software testing. Quality Assurance engineers verify and authenticate both created functionalities (unit, integration, and regression testing) and non-functionalities (security, portability, and reliability testing) requirements. So, it would help the developers know immediately what elements require to be fixed, improved, or even written from scratch. If there isn’t any bug, glitch, or an error to be found, then immediately, the project goes to the final phase of the Quality Assurance. As for mobile apps, QA conducts different types of software testing, including the comparison of usability testing with user acceptance testing, compatibility with the popular mobile devices, operating systems, and their different versions. Finally, in the last phase, our Quality Assurance engineers adhere to the Quality checklist, where the respective product must pass with 100% points. One of the essential quality assurance checklists includes ensuring that all the client’s requirements are easy to understand. The second other is the completion of the project testing, which indicates all the needs of the project have been appropriately tested, checked, and verified. Finally, does it meet or exceed the client’s expectations and requirements? In short, Weisetech will do whatever it takes to make your project nothing but the best!

Major Benefits of Having QA on your side

Saves Your Time and Money

Now, both of these things are invaluable. However, it cost you, clients, and users, as well. It’s a common fact that the longer a bug or glitch remains undetected in your software, website, or mobile app, it would be harder as well as expensive to get it fixed. Therefore, we at Weisetech always our QA team oversees your project from the beginning to the very end, so there would be no room for any errors in your project.

Protects You from the Disastrous Circumstances

Corporate software is always vulnerable to the dangers of being hacked. Ever wonder how much disaster it could be if there is a bug in your corporate software? It could lead to missing data, system blackouts, communication breakdowns, and even leakage to sensitive information.

Improves Client Satisfaction and Confidence

By having up-to-date software with validation from the QA, you’re sending a clear message to your clientele that your software or project is safe and ensuring your company’s credibility. In the end, you will have a loyal and long-term relationship with your clients.

Enhances User Experience

It’s pretty imminent that user experiences would make or break a product. If the software has glitches and full of bugs, it will deteriorate the clients’ experience and reputation. By providing a top-notch software that works smoothly would boost up the confidence and trust of your client.