Categorizr is a highly customizable and easy-to-use receipt management and home inventory smartphone application that allows homeowners, landlords and small business owners to efficiently manage their receipts, personal assets and inventory. With Categorizr you can: • Upload, organize, sort and maintain records of ALL your receipts, both paper and electronic • Summarize and track spending by expense category and within specified timeframes • Track and organize your personal assets and collectibles including: Appliances, Books & Magazines, Clothing & Accessories, Jewelry & Fashion, Electronics & Entertainment, Furniture & Home Décor, Autos & Tools, Patio Furniture & Garden Accessories, Sports & Fitness Equipment, Wine and Trading Card Collections & much, much more! • Track and manage your inventory • Capture specific item information for insurance and warranty claims • Organize your assets when moving or relocating • Document and capture images of tenant inventory • Centralize all your warranty information • Store and manage lists of items you wish to purchase, sell, donate or repair • Track and manage a maintenance schedule and your maintenance records for your items, such as appliances and autos • Generate summary and detailed PDF inventory reports of your receipts and items Categorizr allows you to save detailed information about every item you own including: item description, manufacturer, model and serial numbers, purchase price and replacement value, purchase location and purchase date. Categorizr allows you to save multiple pictures of each item you own. You can use pictures already stored in your device or take a picture with your device’s internal camera. There’s no better and easier way to manage your receipts and protect your assets. Features include: • ADD RECEIPT feature allows you to quickly take pictures of your paper receipts and covert them into searchable digital copies for permanent storage • ADD ITEM feature allows you to add items in a snap • Predefined Categories, Locations and Tags that allow you to get started right away • Create an unlimited number of customized Categories and item attributes, including details such as serial number, purchase date, warranty details and any other information you feel is important to capture • Create an unlimited number of customized Locations and Tags • Add photos and important documents (e.g. receipts, warranty information, owner manuals, product registrations) to any item • Email, print, share and export item photos and important documents • Create PDF reports for your data • View summary and detailed item lists, including item count and total purchase price • Barcode reader which enables you to easily add its identification to an item • Powerful searching and sorting tools so that you can retrieve any information easily • Back-up, restore and share your data using AirDrop • And many more features! If you have any issues please contact support at [email protected]

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