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If you were looking for a PHP Development company in Canada which can offer you top-quality development and total value for money – your search ends here! WeiseTech is a congregation of the best PHP Developers in Toronto. We believe in EXCELLENCE!

– Totally secure websites and applications

– Multiple frameworks to choose from

– Third-party tools & application integration

– Scalable and progressive PHP solutions

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Canada’s Top PHP Web Development Services by WeiseTech

Open Source CMS Development

There are numerous Open Source CMS Development Frameworks available BUT you need to choose the one which perfectly complements your business model. They save costs as they are ‘FREE’ and they allow faster development with less bugs.

Dynamic PHP Portal Development

PHP is ideal for creating dynamic portals which have higher complexity and huge number of users. For example, Facebook uses PHP for front-end! So, if your business model is extensive and requires scalability – you should choose PHP Portal Development.

Custom PHP Web Development

PHP allows you to transform your imagination in to reality with total freedom to do customization. Your unique and innovative business model can be moulded in to a custom PHP website which the world has never seen before.

Custom PHP App Development

Not only websites, PHP also allows you to create PHP Applications which are totally customized and scalable. You can create precisely what you have imagined in your mind, with the custom PHP application development by WeiseTech.

Custom PHP Web Portals

Portals are not simple informative website, they are designed to accomplish a function. If you have an idea which can transform people’s lives through a web-based portal – PHP is the ideal solution. When apps are not possible, web portals are the best!

Custom PHP Social Networking Sites

As the population grows and world globalizes, the requirement for social networking sites will definitely grow. Can your idea can solve a problem which the people are facing today? Then create your own PHP social networking site with WeiseTech.

PHP eCommerce Solutions

A responsive portal where you can list numerous products which people can browse through and make an online purchase – is possible with PHP! As eCommerce gains momentum across the world, this is the right time to create your own eCommerce portal.

PHP Cloud Solutions

Compared to the traditional server-based ecosystem, cloud-based solutions are much faster, accessible and easy to maintain. The PHP cloud solutions gives the entire online action flexibility and scalability. Win-win situation for entrepreneurs & users.

Payment Gateway Integration in PHP

If you have a PHP website or application, you can easily integrate various payment gateways, to allow online financial transactions. Payment gateways require enhanced security and regular maintenance, WeiseTech will help you out with that.

API Integration in PHP

You can easily add or remove different facilities in your PHP website or application through the use of API integration. Be it email, instant messaging, location, chatbot, rewards, etc. – API integration allows you to give users an amazing experience.

Hire The Finest Php Developers From Weisetech

PHP is one of the oldest and classiest scripting language in the world. This is why you need expert PHP Web Developers to actually use its full potential. WeiseTech offers you the pool of most innovative and progressive PHP Web Developers, at unbelievable prices.

Reasons to choose Weisetech Developers

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6+ Year Experience

We have been developing web applications in PHP for 6+ years and have clients from all over the world.

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Customer Satisfaction

We take care of our client’s business necessities and customize the website according to their inputs.

Quality Check

24*7 Help

After application deployment, we provide 24*7 help regarding the web application on our helpline number and site maintenance benefits remotely.

Quality Check

Recent Technology

Our highly experienced team will guide you throughout the project development phase and give you information about recent technology trends.

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