Magento Extensions: Launches And Updates February 2022

Magento can be a gift to E-commerce stores if integrated correctly, let’s understand from Magento Development Company In Toronto


Companies must be able to respond effectively to their roadblocks. In today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing e-commerce market, where only the agile thrive Magento has been nothing but a blessing to E-commerce stores. The landscape of eCommerce is evolving and expanding. With more people preferring to make purchases online, it’s critical to use the best platform for eCommerce website development. According to Nasdaq, 95 percent of purchases will be made online by 2040. That’s a large number! This means that there are numerous opportunities in digital commerce, and you must seize them to accelerate your company’s growth.

Magento is unsurprising given that it is the most flexible and full-featured e-commerce software platform available on the market, and it works for almost every type of business. Weisetech is a leading Magento Development Company In Toronto and has helped businesses achieve their maximum potential with Magento solutions. We have made a few upgrades in our plugins recently, check them out before you Hire Magento Developer In Toronto

Integrate Merchant Warrior Payment Gateway

Integrate one of Australia’s most leading payment gateway- for your customers from Australia, Merchant Warrior has gained it’s popularity and trust amongst the Australian people. With an advanced fraud protection system, multiple choice of payments and a seamless checkout process this is your option for customers in Australia.

Shop By Brand

Shop by brand allows your customer to filter the products and segregate them according to different brands. This helps customers get what they are looking for easily and reduces the hassle of searching a brand in heaps of search results. This enhances customer experience and helps them search by brand.

Integrate With Commercial Bank Of Dubai

For your customers in Dubai, Integrate the official payment gateway of Commercial bank of Dubai. Allow Arab customers to seamlessly checkout on your Magento store by completing the payment using their preferred payment methods. With an advanced fraud protection system, multiple choice of payments and a seamless checkout process this is your option for customers in Dubai.

Integrate CIM

On your online store, allow your customers to pay using a variety of payment methods. Allow your customers to enjoy a more secure and reliable payment experience on your website by utilizing CIM. Characteristics Of this gateway are Advanced fraud detection and prevention, the checkout process is flawless and there are numerous online payment options.

Integrate Younited Pay

Younitedpay Allows for the provision of a flexible payment solution to customers via a credit-based payment method. Increase customer loyalty to your online store by allowing them to purchase products above their purchasing limit using a credit-based payment method. Provides customers with a credit-based payment option, which increases customer engagement with the store.

Why is Magento a Need?

Magento should be considered a top priority for businesses and individuals looking to build a long-term professional eCommerce site. Magento is the best open-source platform for creating an online store. But the most important aspect is that it is extremely professional and effective in providing solutions that help E-commerce thrive. Magento is the most widely used eCommerce development platform in the world due to its high performance, flexibility, scalability, customizability, and highly secure functions.

According to research, up to 51 per cent of people in the United States, for example, have completely abandoned physical stores in favor of shopping on eCommerce platforms, owing to the introduction of web development platforms such as Magento. Magento allows developers to extend their well-functioning reach with readily available and simple-to-integrate extensions. To know more about Magento and extensions provided by Weisetech, reach out to us today!

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