Understanding Privacy and Security Threats of Big DATA IOT

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Understanding Privacy and Security Threats of Big DATA IOT

By Weisetech
June 15, 2016

A new technology coming up each day is making the world significantly more associated and a little spot for us. Things are getting increasingly digitized. Each gadget that we see, we hold, we utilize is associated with the web and there is a tremendous measure of information everywhere throughout the cloud.
The fundamental element of every keen gadget is to have the capacity to gather the information and send it over the web for applications/virtual products to break down it so that any place on the planet you can track the utilization and other information got from the gadget. That sounds extremely straightforward in light of the fact that it covers of IoT devices.
Security of Data
Behind this is IoT (Internet of Things) lots of things are involved in encryption, server protection and several types of protocols that enable a single function. It is projected that by the end of the year 2020 there will be 38.5billion devices connected by the internet which have already crossed 13.4 billion in 2015.
Problems that the current system is facing
Let us see what are the implications around these connected devices and the data that is exchanged regularly over the internet.

  • We need faster networks, a larger server for storage and huge bandwidth to carry the growth of internet traffic.
  • The private networks created by vendors for interoperability among their own products are incompatible with others. This is a major challenge for integration across multiple solutions.
  • It is very important to shift to IPv6 because IPv4, our current Internet protocol, cannot handle the growth in the number of interconnected devices on the Internet.

Need of Security for IoT

  • Even today the numbers of cyber attacks are so much that there is not even one day when we don’t have an attempt to barge the internet security. With the rise of IoT, such phishing and attacks will be definitely on the rise.
  • IPv6 is still not fully perfected even though it has been there for quite some time, leave apart its complete implementation. With IoT in place, the threat is new and unknown. We might something that has much higher and effective security than that of IPv6.

Solutions to the Security

  • Secure booting: Secure Boot is a technology where the system firmware checks that the system boot loader is signed with a cryptographic key authorized by a database contained in the firmware.
  • Access control: It refers to applying control over access to the system and its parts. A role-based access control built into the OS limit the privileges of device components and applications, ensuring access only to the resources required to do the job.
  • Device authentication: While it is easy to get user credentials for authorization the code of device authorization is a bit complex, but it works on a similar technique as of user authentication.
  • Firewalling and IPS: Just like enterprise IT protocols, every device also needs a firewall or deep packet inspection capability to control traffic that is destined to terminate at the device.
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