Open Source Technology Trends in 2016

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Open Source Technology Trends in 2016

By Weisetech
May 8, 2016

Open source technologies is set to play a pivotal role in 2016 when it comes to modern computing, particularly in application development and IT infrastructure.

Open Source being the ground zero for technology development definitely has become the preferred way of germinating hot new technology, particularly for startups. From Docker and Hadoop including their exploding ecosystems to the NoSQL and NewSQL databases, the open source juggernaut is set to sail in 2016.

It is said that the cloud is eating open source applications. Even Microsoft Office 365 is a semi-cloud offering and its chief rival is clearly Google Apps. These days, many IT departments would like to avoid installing and maintaining applications locally when possible.

Tech Giants are huge open source contributors

Some of the popular examples are MapReduce from Google and Hadoop from Yahoo. Also, worth mentioning is that Google developed the most popular JavaScript framework – AngularJS and contributed groups to the Linux kernel, which eventually became Docker.

GitHub revolutionizing Coding Concepts

The world’s leading code repository and versioning system, offered as a cloud service, now hosts 27 million projects. Sure, you’ll find most of the high-profile open source projects here. The concept of Github is “Why code yourself if someone else does it for you, and is willing to share under a liberal open source license?” Go GitHub!

Open Source Technology – The way forward for CMS Development

The open source model has always provided us with the flexibility and customization possibilities to provide the client with a user experience and backend functionality that adapts to their specific needs and business model.

Open Source is everywhere…

No matter. Nothing is going to stop the open source juggernaut. As a puffed-up VC might put it, the code-sharing economy has achieved its network effect. That awesome engine of collective creativity is transforming the entire technology industry.


Is your business open source technology READY to lead the way in 2016?


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